Diwali Boxperience

How often do we hear people say, these days Diwali festivities aren’t as fun as they used to be. Diwali, truly, has always been about celebrations with loved ones, with family. And Boxperience with the Diwali is Family box, attempts to bring that alive, in its own simple way. At the heart of the concept is the joy of doing things together – from praying to singing, from eating to playing, and from gifting to sharing – all of which sums up a happy Diwali story!

Each product inside the box is a dedication and a reminder to what Diwali truly is. A celebration with your family. Boxperience is that very story, which begins with the box and signs off with a virtual family / group experience, one that shall echo : Diwali is Family.

While, we hope you enjoy the products in the box, we look forward to you registering with us to play the virtual games being conducted by us exclusively for the owners of the box (which includes the likes of a Live Housie, a General Quiz, a Best-Bid Game and lucky draws for all), by sending us the BOXPERIENCE CODE to before 28th October 2016 to PLAY LIVE on 29th October between 5pm-6pm IST. Charge your phone batteries and ensure good internet speed, to participate wholly and win some amazing prizes!